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Calligraphy is a fancy way of writing.  It is truly an art form when a person masters it!  It is done with a fountain pen. Often, different customized nibs are used. There are many different techniques of writing this way.  If you go to pen shows, there is normally a couple of people that teach and demonstrate the art. 

This is a small video of one of our clients (Hong) demonstrating the art form with one of Opus Mechan's Dragon fountain pens. She does an incredible job. Hong has a beautiful hand witting technique!

Here at Opus Mechan we hand tune the nibs on ALL of our fountain pens. However, Hong requested a medium pt 18kt gold nib in this pen. She took the pen to the world renowned Richard Binder (Richard is considered by many to be a leading icon as a specialized nib mister) at the DC Fountain pen show, and had him do a custom nib tuning.

I hope you enjoy!


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