Opus Mechan Steampunk Collection Watch Parts Mid-Size Rollerball & Fountain Pen




Opus Mechan has been an industry leader in this type of pen! Utilizing authentic dials and watch parts from many movements, a lot of them are Swiss made. We painstakingly bend all the parts prior to putting them on the wrapped copper and aluminum barrels. This is what we call steampunk barrels. We use a texturing technique to give it the old riveted plate look. All of this is done in house and by hand with our own propitiatory process to ensure the highest quality barrels on the market today!

Every writing instrument is one of a kind and 100% handmade!

This writing instrument is setup as a fountain pen that has a fine point steel nib.  We always tune them prior to shipping to give you an incredible writing experience as soon as you receive it!

Note: This writing instrument allows you to post the cap on the back of the pen barrel! The threads on the back allow that to happen.

If you would like the rollerball option, we install a fine point German made ceramic 5888 rollerball cartridge that gives you an incredibly smooth writing experience! This option is $50.00 less.

This particular pen has an authentic Belmar dial in the barrel!

We pride ourselves on using only authentic watch parts for our Chrono Collection pens. We are NOT authorized dealers or representatives of the brand you see displayed on this pen! We do guarantee the authenticity of the watch dial and parts used in making this pen.

  • Length:  5-1/8″ capped 4-3/4″ uncapped
  • Diameter:  Cap 5/8″ pen 9/16″
  • Weight:  55 gm capped 32 gm uncapped


100% Satisfaction guaranteed or you money back!

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